Rent your MX Bikes server

From: 5.00 / month

Select your number of servers, its location and the max players number. Please note that our servers are delivered with all existing tracks and without any storage limitation.

Need a lot of servers for your series? Contact us for an exclusive offer from 5 servers πŸ™‚



Please read this page πŸ™‚

Would you like to run a dedicated MX Bikes server for your own race series or team practice with friends? Rent a dedicated server from MyMXB where we handle all of the set-up and networking configuration for you.

  • Our high-quality servers are the best you can find on the market.
  • They are real dedicated servers (not VPS/virtual servers) with a gigabyte internet connection. Forget about latency or ping.
  • The price is the lowest possible for this quality.
  • Guaranteed to show a ping in the server list making it easier for people to connect to your servers without having to configure your own router.
  • All of the best track and bike mods kept up to date – others loaded upon request. Want an additional track? You can upload it by yourself using the dedicated track uploading system.

Thanks to our collaboration with Resolute Kraken ❀, you will access your own web manager (to share with up to 3 other people for free, for multi-manager hosters e.g.). This web application has been tailor made for MyMXB servers to provide you the best management tool.

How does it work?

It is remarkably simple. Once you’ve paid for your monthly subscription, you will receive an email with your receipt the manager link. The delivery of your server takes no more than 5 minutes.

Setup fees: NO

What are the available options?

No ads in the software or server.

Feature list:

  • All existing tracks already available
  • Unlimited track storage
  • Name your server (without advertisement in it)
  • Set a password if you want your server to remain private
  • Admin password
  • Clients (number of players that can connect)
  • Bandwidth (Very High is recommended for our banger servers!)
  • Max Ping: Automatically kick people with a ping over this value
  • Enable/disable Polls
  • Custom message of the day (without advertisement in it)
  • Select the available bike categories
  • Select up to 10 rotating tracks
  • Customize your race event, duration, laps, etc
  • Custom Whitelist and Blacklist
  • Import GUID scripts from the MyMXB Racing System
  • GUID are checked automatically
  • Global Blacklist automatically integrated – get rid of toxic people
  • Custom terrain deformation
  • Custom weather
  • Activate/Deactivate Hardcore features (Racing aids)
  • Results export tool (Free feature for servers with 40+ riders only)
  • Replays available (Paid option – Available for servers with 40+ riders only)
    • NOTE: The replay feature is temporarily unavailable since the game developer has ridiculously capped the replays to only a few minutes. It is very unoptimized, it consumes a lot of resources to get something really bad. I don’t feel good to charge for such a dummy feature.
  • Scheduling: Automated messages, automated restarts


The software will give you access to the Discord support server ❀

mymxb new server manager

I am a serious hoster, can I use the MyMXB Racing system?

ABSOLUTELY! You can find the racing system by clicking HERE. Whoop whoop !

You will access to two amazing features to make everything automatically for your races :

  • Automatic series creation
  • Signups management
  • Ban management
  • Scripts generation
  • Results calculated
  • Points calculated for the race day overall
  • Points calculated for the whole championship

The Racing System:

racing system

The Live Result System:

live result

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